2011 Tai Hang Road Apartment Renovation


2011 Robinson Road Apartment Renovation


2010 Venice Art Biennale Proposal with Artist Ho Sin Tung


2009 Architectural Cinema – A PhD Thesis on a Theory of Practice for Architectural Digital Animation


2007 Repulse Bay Apartment Renovation


2005 Happy Valley Apartment Renovation


2004 High Street Apartment Renovation


2002 Cinematic Architecture – A M.Phil Thesis on Spatial Imaginaries in the cinema of Hitchcock and Antonioni



Filmography       Trailers


2012 Hong Kong Shenzhen Bi-City Architecture and Urbanism Biennale – A Film


2011 Waves – A Digital Painting Installation at Moon Gallery June 25 – July 25


2010 The Beautiful Light premiered at The Pineapple Underground Film Festival


2007 Patmos Chronicle – A journey in search of the landscape depicted by surrealist painter Giorgio de Chirico.


2005 Ballroom ONE – A Hypersocial Spatiality – Social Space enhanced by networked screens.


2004 21Dreamhouses – Virtual Spaces as representational psychic states


2003 AnOther Morning in Paris – Secret passage in the Paris Metro that transcends space-time.


2000 Dreamtrips – A Sci-Fi Romance Feature Film shot in Anamorphic 35mm.


1998 Missing the Millennium – An Apocalyptic Painting


1997 First 7 Minutes of Creation


1996 New World


1995 The Soul Investigator


1988 A Walk to the Beach


1987 Holiday


1986 Fragments of Memories