KGE LAB was created by Kal Ng as a base for architectural + related media production.

It is under the concept of a KGE LAB - Kino Gedanken Experimental Lab, a place to realize abstract ideas and thoughts

cinematically [Kino], as in Albert Einstein's thought [Gedanken] experiments, they are fascinating scenario to illustrate his

complex ideas of space-time and the theories of relativity. Such as the Twin Brothers Scenario.

KGE LAB intends to stretch the envelope of film production by diverging interests in other disciplines such as technology,

architecture, design, academic research, game entertainment and digital networked media. It is also intended as a space to

further the independent spirit started at [Ying E Chi] - the filmmaker co-op where Kal Ng was one of the founders.



2012 Hong Kong Shenzhen Bi-City Architecture and Urbanism Biennale – A Film

2011 WAVES – A Digital Painting Installation at Moon Gallery, Hong Kong, June 25 – July 25

2010 Three Houses by Kal Ng - Immersive spatial narrative and the space-image using the Unity3D game engine.

To explore another locale - The Island House with further realism and immersion using the Unity3D Game Engine.

2010 The Beautiful Light – A collaboration with artist Kwan Hau Wo on the creation of a large painting, depicting the Dulou buildings of her home town Kai Ping, a UNESCO site.

2005-9 Project - Architectural Cinema: A Creative Paradigm on Spatial Narratives [PhD Research, HKU]

Ballroom ONE - A Hyper Social Spatiality [Digital Animation FEIDAD 2005 Top 10 Finalist]

DREAMTRIPS as The 1st Hong Kong Independent Film to stream through China Online entertainment web portal Jeboo